Visual Genetics™ is a unique and sophisticated management and analysis tool for large patient pedigrees, genotypes, and clinical data.  Visual Genetics supports your research in both family and population-based studies. The capabilities provided through Visual Genetics allows efficient data management, maintenance, and analysis to enhance the success of your genetic studies.  The program will organize and accelerate breakthrough thinking and results in your research programs.
Clinical and/or genetic characteristics of entire data sets or subsets can be graphically displayed using one of several data visualization options.
Visual Technologies's proprietary Pedigree Manager allows access to pedigree information directly from any subject record.
In addition to the pedigree itself, the viewer can display affection status and any desired patient data (clinical and/or genetic).

Haplotypes can also be predicted and viewed within pedigrees.

Imported data can be edited within the program through carefully designed editors that enforce user-defined data integrity rules while guiding you through complicated operations - including those that involve pedigree relationships.

A sophisticated tiling system allows multiple users to access data containers and formulate genetic analyses according to their individual specifications.

The query tool can define specific subsets of the data which can then be formatted for export to any of several common genetic analysis packages including SimWalk, Linkage, CriMap and GeneHunter.

An advanced system of data containers allows users to import multiple sets of data for inclusion in genetic studies.

A pedigree tool is incorporated and employs Visual Technologies’s proprietary interactive data visualization technology.

Pedigrees can be viewed, edited and printed for publication.  Subgroups can be created for downstream analysis.

Interactive graphics tools help you explore the genetic and clinical patterns to enable better interpretation and understanding of complex data sets.

Visual Genetics manages and analyzes large, complex, and evolving data sets.  It will help you store, query and organize study data.
Visual Genetics accelerates the discovery of meaningful relationships among genetic data by using the most advanced interactive data visualization and analysis tools.
Visual Genetics conveniently prepares data in formats suitable for third party analysis programs.
Visual Genetics is easy to implement, learn and apply.
Visual Genetics has an organize interface that operates on desktop applications or integrates into existing institutional systems.
You may download a PDF brochure for Visual Genetics™ here.


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