VantagePoint™ is a powerful and flexible 100% Pure Java™ data visualization class library. VantagePoint™ utilizes a Model-View-Controller architecture that supports a wide range of two- and three-dimensional graph types and allows for seamless integration with multiple data sources that update in real-time.
Compatibility with any browser or operating system with a Java™ Virtual Machine (JVM).
The use of interaction to improve data comprehension and accessibility.
Support for dynamic data from a variety of data sources, including proprietary databases and feeds.

Intuitive interface ensuring a shallow learning curve and quick adoption.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership through thin-client implementation.
Dynamic data handling to ensure decisions reflect current conditions, thereby reducing errors.
Server-side deployment reducing download size and corresponding delay prior to data display.
Analysis + Interactivity + Visualization
Visualization transforms data into user-friendly information that forms a critical component within the decision-making process. Raw data represents information regarding a wide range of underlying processes, each placing different demands upon a data visualization tool. VantagePoint™ enables an application to handle the widest possible range of data types through an optimal combination of two- and three-dimensional visualization tools.
Whereas many data visualization systems exclusively emphasize the presentation of data, our tools take a more balanced approach by recognizing the interrelationship among analysis, interaction and visualization. All three activities work in concert to provide the necessary information, thereby allowing the decision-maker to make better-informed critical judgments.
Three-dimensional visualizations often represent an effective means of presenting very large data sets. They can be both intuitive and effective in highlighting complex patterns within the data.
VantagePoint™ supports the following charting types:
  • Line chart (2D and 3D)
  • Bar chart (2D and 3D)
  • Combination line and bar chart
  • Scatter plot
  • Pie and Donut
  • Surface
  • High-Low-Close-Volume
  • Radar
  • Box plot
  • Interactive Architecture
    Our products are implemented entirely in Java™, enabling the development of cross-platform client-server applications that bring the interactive presentation of data to the decision-maker. Modes of interaction include changing the three-dimensional orientation, data drilling and examining the impact of outliers on numerical analyses.
    Users can test various scenarios by interacting directly with the charts and graphs to edit data visually. Since many databases have data that are suspect, the effect of removing those data from the data set can be immediately investigated.
    Our tools support data drilling, the process of revealing the details that underlie a given data point. This is an effective means of performing market research, demographic analysis and other research that makes use of multi-dimensional data.
    Incorporating VantagePoint into Your Application
    It is easy to incorporate our charting tools into your project. A simple DataSet interface enables you to pass data that will be Visual Technologiesd by one or more of the charting tools. Our framework is designed to support data that change dynamically and in real-time. In this way, the most recent data may be presented and analyzed while still supporting interactivity. This has found application in network performance and financial analysis software. Dynamic data are typically time-series in nature. That is, they consist of data observations that are each "stamped" with a time at which they were recorded. Our technology supports time-series data by using special analysis and visualization tools.
    Analytical Capability
    The Model-View-Controller architecture allows VantagePoint™ to handle sophisticated numerical analyses. Currently supported methods include transposition, univariate histogram, bivariate histogram, correlations, and descriptive statistics. VantagePoint™ also supports linear, polynomial, moving averages, and customized smoothing curves. These analytical tools are interactive, enabling points to be excluded from the analysis to remove outliers from the computation of the curve.
    Server-side deployment
    VantagePoint™ may be deployed server-side via the JV-Pub library. By using this add-on, charts generated server-side via VantagePoint™ may be distributed as GIF images to any browser.
    You may download a PDF brochure for VantagePoint™ here.


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