StockPlot™ is a widely used and extremely versatile product that enables users to display a real time series of pricing and volume data together with a rich, customizable menu of related comparisons, annotations and statistical indicators. StockPlot is available as a Java applet, servlet, Swing component, and ActiveX control.
Useful information pertaining to chart objects can be displayed by simply passing the mouse pointer over those elements. For example, by placing the mouse pointer over a high-low-open-close symbol, the underlying pricing data is revealed in a concise annotation.
StockPlot™ supports chart zooming, allowing the user to select and expand the chart across an arbitrary range of dates by dragging the mouse across the plot region.
StockPlot™ may be deployed as either a client-side applet for maximum interactivity, a server-side servlet for reduced download footprint or as a powerful combination of the two. Initiating a session with StockPlot™ as a servlet-generated GIF, replacing it at the user's option with an interactive applet is particularly effective. In this manner, the user is presented with the chart immediately, foregoing the more extended download associated with the full-featured applet.

All aspects of StockPlot™ appearance and functionality are configurable ranging from data access to chart presentation to exception handling. The same XML that configures the applet may be employed to configure the servlet, further reducing the effort expended in deploying a unified servlet/applet charting solution. The list of configurable parameters includes:

  • All fonts, colors and line widths
  • Display of primary pricing information as a line, area, OHLC or candlestick chart.
  • Statistical indicators and comparison data
  • Status messages (enabling full internationalization)
  • Annotations
  • StockPlot™ may receive its data from any one of several sources, thereby allowing seamless integration into most backend architectures. The primary source is an open, XML formatted data stream, compatible with many of the emerging XML-aware applications. The primary source is an open, XML formatted data stream, compatible with many of the emerging XML-aware applications. Alternatively, a pluggable architecture allows any Java™ object implementing a simple, well-documented interface to serve as a data source. In this way, StockPlot™ may communicate with many of the existing standards for accessing real-time and historical securities pricing data.
    StockPlot™ provides the ability to display an almost unlimited number of statistical indicators (studies) within the primary chart as part of the pricing data or in a separate chart utilizing an independent scale. Possible indicator types include:
  • Moving average
  • Exponential moving average
  • Stochastics
  • Bollinger bands
  • Moving Average Convergence-Divergence
  • Relative Strength
  • On Balance Volume
  • Price rate-of-change
  • Price oscillator
  • In addition, custom indicators may be imported from any data source supported by StockPlot™.
    Annotations may be positioned at any date and are a powerful means of displaying events and other time-sensitive information. The text and formatting of these annotations are fully configurable through both the XML and JavaScript™ interfaces.
    When deployed as an applet, StockPlot™ may be configured at run-time with a rich collection of JavaScript™-accessible methods. These methods include the ability to modify the following:
  • Chart appearance
  • Primary pricing symbol
  • Comparison pricing symbols
  • Indicators
  • Time frame and frequency
  • Addition and removal of annotations
  • Errors relating to invalid symbols, indicator parameters, etc. are handled through a unified exception handling mechanism through which StockPlot™ displays valuable diagnostic data to aid the user in rectifying the problem.
    Stockplot is compatible with any browser or operating system with a Java™ Virtual Machine (JVM)
    Support for dynamic data from a variety of data sources, including proprietary databases and feeds
    StockPlot Benefits
    StockPlot™ Java™ applet architecture enhances the user's ability to understand the trends and patterns manifest in pricing data.
    The designed interactivity improves rapid data comprehension and accessibility.
    The intuitive interface ensures a fast learning curve and quick adoption.
    Stockplot can be easily integrated in to your systems, thereby reducing maintenance and implementation costs.
    The dynamic data handling capabilities ensure that decisions reflect current conditions, thereby reducing errors.
    Server-side deployment reduces download size and the corresponding delays prior to data display.
    Thin-client implementation reduces the total cost of ownership.
    You may download a PDF brochure of StockPlot™ here.


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