Pedigree Prism™ is a new software solution for creating accurate family pedigree diagrams - or genograms - for mammalian biological relationships. A pedigree is a fundamental bioinformatics research tool used by geneticists, clinicians and other medical personnel to display and communicate complex family relationships and display the associated genetic and clinical characteristics of individuals. The resulting family history diagrams can be used to exhibit patterns of heredity, including diseases, in families and populations.
Pedigree Prism Benefits
Pedigree Prism™ offers medical personnel and researchers the ability to quickly and easily create and edit views of family pedigrees by importing data files or drawing relationships directly.
The ease of use and versatility of Pedigree Prism eliminates the need for cumbersome and time consuming hand-drawn genograms.
Quality genograms can be created, edited and imbedded in grants, publications and research reports.
This new product incorporates pedigree symbols and nomenclature that conform to current scientific standards.
Pedigree Prism™ has a full range of capabilities for customization and ease of use.
Any number of clinical, genotypic or phenotypic attributes may be added to each individual record.

Both clinical and genetic data may be displayed within the pedigree view using symbols and/or textual formats.

Pedigrees ranging from two to several hundred subjects can be displayed and managed using zooming, panning, and selection functions.
Individual details can be quickly accessed through selecting any study individual of interest.
Affection status of individuals (the presence or absence of disease) can be displayed in four colors.
Any number of clinical, genotypic or phenotypic attributes may be added to each individual record.
Data may be imported and exported in tabular form.
The pedigree display may be adjusted for size and position as desired and may be saved directly from the application for presentation.
You may download a PDF brochure about Pedigree Prism™ here.
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