MicroPoint™ is a data visualization API that is compatible with most current and future Java-enabled handheld devices. Based upon the MID Profile within the J2ME specification, it leverages Java's cross platform capabilities while providing a flexible environment for creating interactive charts and graphs.
Pervasive Data Visualization
Data visualization is the process of converting raw data into easily understood pictures of information that enable fast and effective decisions. As time scales shrink, data-driven actions are increasingly made without access to information provided by traditional, stationary devices. Handheld technology is making it possible to gain access to data from any location; MicroPoint enables those data to form the framework of a rational decision-making process. When employed in conjunction with our browser and server-based solutions, MicroPoint completes our technology vision of providing a comprehensive, pervasive data visualization solution.
The Java 2 Micro Edition platform is the standard upon which Java-based applications for handheld devices are based. The MID Profile (MIDP) is a specification within that platform that provides capabilities specific to a class of devices known as Mobile Information Devices. These include familiar handheld devices such as the Palm Pilot and the RIM Blackberry.

By supporting J2ME and MIDP, MicroPoint is taking a standards-based approach to providing an extensible application programming interface for developing handheld data visualization applications.

Application Programming Interface
MicroPoint provides a flexible API that is designed around the concept of constructing charts from simple components that conform to a well-defined interface. Rather that confine developers into a fixed set of chart types, MicroPoint is an extensible framework in which to develop data visualization application to your specification.
You may download a PDF brochure of MicroPoint™ here.


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