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The Challenge
Efficient delivery of health care services requires intensive analysis of data that are collected from a variety of sources in the health care environment.  Data concerning resource management and utilization, billing and insurance records, clinical outcomes, inventory control and epidemiology are but a few data types from which valuable findings and conclusions may be derived to increase efficiency and improve patient outcomes.  In fulfilling the health care industry’s mission of improving human health, understanding and integrating the vast amounts of data is paramount to success.  
The Rationale
Data visualization is more effective than non-visual approaches for deriving meaning and understanding from large and complex data sets such as those produced in hospital systems and in large clinical research programs. Visualization tools can quickly summarize large data sets, allowing scientists, physicians or analysts to understand interactions and relationships between different factors in the health care environment, supporting discovery and understanding of trends within the health care environment. Visualization tools produce images that can help you assimilate, remember and communicate to colleagues.  You derive value in time and understanding by exploring your data visually.  The findings from this visual exploration process can be used to improve efficiency of health care delivery and improve patient outcomes.
  • Organize
  • Interact
  • Query
  • Analyze
  • Explore
  • Communicate
  • Really understand your data assets.
The Solution
Visual Technologies’ products provide a variety of solutions for improved visual intelligence.  The suite of Visual Technologies solutions for the Health Care industry includes a powerful and flexible 100% Java data visualization library, software applications and professional services.    
These tools provide dynamic capabilities for analysis, interaction and visualization with interactive color maps, powerful equation editing for analytics, easy navigation through hierarchical data, ranking and filtering dynamic data, and monitoring continuously changing data over time. Visual Technologies software solutions are designed and built by professionals with direct industry experience. Because of this knowledge, Visual Technologies offers professional services to integrate or develop visualization solutions to meet your needs.
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Your data is an asset.   Give yourself the best tools to explore it.


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