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The Challenge
Financial Services industries have no shortage of information. The information is dynamic, interrelated, contradictory, and it’s available to all of your competitors. Financial services have historically relied on third party providers of raw market data. This information is then re-formatted and distributed to internal users or sold to external customers, institutions and consumers through private networks or the internet.
The Rationale
Intense competition has created a demand for more robust and sophisticated data analysis and visualization. This is a business sector where seconds can make the difference between gain and loss. Interest rates, currency prices, stock prices and breaking news all interact to affect decisions of traders and analysts. Data visualization is more effective than non-visual approaches for deriving meaning and understanding from large and complex data sets. Visualization tools result in images that are easier to analyze and assimilate. Most importantly, visualization tools can help discover new trends and probabilities. You derive real value by improving your investment decisions and investment advice to your clients.
  • Organize
  • Interact
  • Query
  • Analyze
  • Explore
  • Communicate
  • Really understand your data assets.
The Solution
Since its beginning in 1996, Visual Technology has established and maintained lasting relationships with key leaders in the Financial Services. Our solutions for the Financial Services industry enable users to Visual Technologies and interact with complex financial data intuitively and in real-time. StockPlot™ and VantagePoint™ are the industry standard for real-time visualization and analysis of streaming data.
These products provide unique and proprietary data visualization solutions that enable the customer to analyze, interact with, interpret and act upon complex, real time data more quickly, cost-effectively and accurately than your competition. Our software solutions are designed and built by professionals with direct industry experience. Because of this knowledge, We offer professional consulting Capability to integrate or develop visualization solutions within your technology.
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Your data is an asset.   Give yourself the best tools to explore it.


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