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The Challenge
The vast scope and diversity of the global energy supply chain - exploration and production, refining and marketing, utilities and energy trading – create complex data management challenges. The output of enormous quantities of data in each of these efforts are compounded by the competing energy forms – crude, natural gas, electricity, coal, and nuclear - that require real time organization and understanding to support quality management decisions.
The Rationale
Data visualization is more effective than non-visual approaches for deriving meaning and understanding from large and complex data sets. Visualization tools can quickly summarize large data concisely. Visualization tools result in images that are easier to remember and communicate. Most importantly, visualization tools can help discover new trends and probabilities. You derive value in time and understanding by exploring your data visually:
  • Organize
  • Interact
  • Query
  • Analyze
  • Explore
  • Communicate
  • Really understand your data assets.
The Solution
Visual Technology focuses on these last critical steps in data management. The suite of our solutions for the Energy sector gives you a powerful and flexible 100% Java data visualization library.
These tools provide dynamic capabilities for analysis, interaction and visualization with interactive color (heat) maps, powerful equation editing for analytics, easy navigation through hierarchical data, ranking and filtering dynamic data, and monitoring continuously changing data over time. Our software solutions are designed and built by professionals with direct industry experience. Because of this knowledge, We offer professional consulting Capability to integrate or develop visualization solutions within your technology.
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Your data is an asset.   Give yourself the best tools to explore it.


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