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The Challenge
The Agriculture industry operates in an extremely competitive global market.   The United States is a major player, with the U.S. share of the global market for agricultural goods at just under 20 percent.   At the same time, the industry is an extraordinarily diverse set of economic sectors from crop production, livestock breeding, agricultural chemicals, agricultural machinery manufacture, the complex food distribution networks, and the commodities futures trading. Fundamental to each of these agricultural businesses is the critical need to track, monitor, investigate and display the vast quantities of data that result.   Time-sensitive understanding of this data is required to insure efficient operations and profitability in the face of a rapidly changing environmental and economic landscape.   In addition, the rapidly growing science of breeding genetics has added an opportunity that offers great promise as well as increasing complexity.
The Rationale
More than most industry sectors, analysis of data in Agriculture is both complex and time-sensitive.   Rapid data reduction and visualization can make the difference in revenue, investments and business tactics.   Plus, in depth understanding of genetics programs demands new tools for research directions.   In all of these applications, visualization is significantly more effective than non-visual approaches for deriving meaning and understanding from these large and complex data sets.   You derive value in time and understanding by exploring your data visually:
  • Organize
  • Interact
  • Query
  • Analyze
  • Explore
  • Communicate
  • Really understand your data assets.
The Solution
Our technology extends across the demands of the Agricultural industry from the critical steps in data management though the science of breeding genetics.   The suite of our solutions for the agriculture industry gives you a powerful and flexible 100% Java data visualization library.    
These tools provide dynamic capabilities for analysis, interaction and visualization with interactive color (heat) maps, powerful equation editing for analytics, easy navigation through hierarchical data, ranking and filtering dynamic data, and monitoring continuously changing data over time.   Our software solutions are designed and built by professionals with direct industry experience.   Because of this knowledge, we offer professional consulting Capability to integrate or develop visualization solutions within your technology.
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Your data is an asset.   Give yourself the best tools to explore it.


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