Our Vision And History
Our Mission...
….is to develop and deliver enterprise level data visualization software and services and to empower corporations and their customers to make more accurate decisions by interacting with visual representations of complex data sets in real-time.
Progress in the modern economy and scientific world is driven by information.  However, most information technologies focus on the process of delivering data but without providing effective tools to transform data into usable information.  Visual Technologies focuses on the critical last step in the management of data.  This step is the computer-human interface over which large, complex data sets are communicated and understood by information consumers. 

Since 1996, Visual Technologies has helped Fortune 500 firms solve complex problems through its advanced interactive visualization tools and industry-specific domain expertise.  Our scalable, open architecture and Java-based technology is easy-to-use and smoothly deploys across virtually any IT environment.  Our products are installed in financial services institutions, top brokerage firms and leading life science companies.

We are the first company to have a suite of 100% Java products that bring data visualization and analysis capabilities to corporate decision-makers and data analysts. Our first suite of DataVista™ products was commercially released in March 1997, efficiently deploying information, once conveyed using tabular reports, as interactive two and three-dimensional graphs.  Visual Technologies solutions empower end users to make better, faster, and more accurate decisions based upon real-time data.


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